A Multi-Purpose, Immersive Stool for Musicians

Blending sound-to-vibration technology with musical arts, the Throne X provides a new level of interaction between musicians and their instruments, fellow musicians, and the broader environment. It creates a unique way for musicians to control the rhythm and therefore to master their performances.

Sitting on the Throne X, musicians can feel the rhythm pulsing through their bodies, intuitively performing on the beat, better synchronizing with their bandmates, and immersing themselves in the art of music.


The Throne X, a multi-purpose immersive stool designed for musicians, provides a tactile experience that enables one to physically feel the tempo. Moreover, being the industry’s first musician stool to actively provide vibrations even without input, the Throne X can serve as a metronome for musicians to improve their skills, both during practice and performance.

Immersive performance


The multi-mode functionality provides unique settings for several use cases. In audio mode, the stool vibrates based on musical input or the rhythm of your bandmates. In metronome mode, the stool helps you keep the beat. In real-time mode, the stool vibrates to the rhythm of your performance.


Perfect companion to artists on-the-go

A foldable stand and a backpack for storing the stool makes travel easier for touring musicians.

Long-lasting comfort

Sleek, Modern Design

A contemporary exterior design presents a smart tech appearance, adding a touch of modern sophistication to your daily life.

Convenient, Lag-Free Controller

A built-in wired controller allows you to easily change mode, adjust speed and tempo, and modify vibration intensity.

Seamlessly Integrate with PA Systems

With easy PA integration, you can easily synchronize with other performers and create a more immersive stage experience.

Solid Construction

A well-structured frame and support delivers high durability and withstands prolonged hours of vibrations.


The Throne X includes inputs for 3.5mm aux, 6.3mm aux, 6.3mm dynamic microphone, and 3.5mm headphones.


The standard fixed stand offers advanced comfort and options for different heights to meet your needs.


Designed with self-aligning torque, the seat always returns to center position after musician stands up even if the seat has been turned during use.

Tech specifications

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