The Ultimate in Customization and Comfort


Introducing the Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Wireless Keyboard, not merely a piece of technology, but a seamless extension of your essence. Immerse yourself in a world where comfort intertwines with innovation, where the boundaries between you and your device fade away.


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MK770 Hybrid Wireless Keyboard

Discover a realm where each keystroke feels just right. The Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Wireless Keyboard is more than tech — it's a genuine extension of you. Whether you're battling in a game, crafting a story or designing tomorrow's masterpiece, the MK770 ensures every interaction is effortless. Dive deep into an experience where comfort meets innovation.

Battle Ready

Perfect for intense gaming sessions, the MK770 is built for the long haul. Reliable, programmable, durable and efficient— the MK770 Keyboard.

Full Gasket Structure

The gasket structure reduces vibration and noise

contributing to a comfortable typing experience

Flexible Connectivity

Triple wireless lag-free connectivity requires minimal power

Customizable RGB

Free Master Control Software allows custom lighting modes and macros

Hot-Swappable Switches

Hot-Swappable mechanical switches allow easy customization


Helpful Features

Adjustable feet and dongle pocket are subtle add-ons that highlight the thoughtful design

Extra Functionalities

Multi-Function Roller

An innovative little feature that offers a lot of help.

Tech specifications

Discover technical info about the product

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