Dyn X Dynamic Racing Experience

Dyn X Dynamic Racing Experience
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All-Around Professional Racing Simulator

Embrace a new dimension of sim racing with the Dyn X from Cooler Master. This isn't your everyday setup; it's a rigorously designed system for passionate racing enthusiasts who relish the thrill of the track in both real and virtual worlds. The Dyn X is engineered to fuel your need for speed and revolutionize your professional simulation environment.

Custom Experience

One single adjustment offers 14 diverse driving 
positions: Formula, GT, Rally, NASCAR, Trophy 
Truck, Semi Truck, and more.

The Dyn X adapts to your personal simulation needs.

Personalized Experience

Fine-tune your experience to perfection.


Professional drivers have put our accurate driving positions to the test, providing you with an unmatched, high-end racing simulation that delivers an intensely lifelike experience.

for a genuinely authentic racing experience

The Dyn X exemplifies Cooler Master's commitment to innovation, marrying form and function in a sleek package. Precisely dial in your driving position with a single adjustment—perfectly adaptable for a wide range of racing styles such as Formula, GT, NASCAR, Rally, Trophy Truck, and more. This is more than just a gaming rig—it's a pro-level racing simulator that invites you to experience real-to-life immersion at its finest. Step into the Dyn X and feel the pulse of professional racing from the comfort of your own home.


Long-lasting comfort

Built with a rigid structure that doesn't compromise ergonomics, the Dyn X keeps you focused and comfortable, even during prolonged racing sessions.

Racing DNA

The modern, race-inspired aesthetics encapsulate the Cooler Master tech lifestyle, adding a professional look to your space.



Easy Assembly
Future-Proof Modular Design
Ironclad Build
Flight Simulation Conversion
Racing Seat


Sturdy Construction
Enhanced Comfort
Premium Seat Material
Adjustable Headrest
Tech specifications

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