Precise Silent Power

Introducing the X Silent MAX Platinum by Cooler Master, engineered with an acoustically optimized Mobius Fan, top-tier industrial IC components and our exclusive aluminum heatsink dissipation technology.

This combination not only achieves supreme silence, but also ensures a premium experience.

Mobius Fan
Supreme Silence

Our design integrates an ultra-silent Mobius fan with an exclusive aluminum

heat sink for improved cooling efficiency. Combined with unique inductors that

minimize electromagnetic noise, it ensures an exceptionally quiet experience.

Fully Modular Cabling

Modular cabling minimizes clutter, while the additional ports provide extra functionality.

Exclusive Design
Superior Cooling Performance

Our exclusive aluminum Thermal Mold efficiently disperses heat, while the ultra-silent Mobius fan strengthens the airflow to lower the temperature across the unit. This dual approach guarantees effective thermal management, maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the PSU.

Digital Power Management System 
& MasterCTRL

Equipped with MCUs and Integrated with MasterCTRL software, our reliable PSU meticulously monitors temperature, current load and efficiency in real-time, offering precise and direct oversight.

Active Bridge Rectifier Boosts Efficiency 2%

The Active Bridge Rectifier, equipped with the Infineon CoolMOS, marks a significant advancement in power efficiency. This innovative combination not only conserves electricity, but also significantly reduces power loss, outperforming traditional bridge diodes. It's an ideal solution for users seeking eco-friendly, high-efficiency power supply units.

ATX 3.1 Support & a Durable 90° 12V-2X6 Cable

Includes ATX 3.1 support and a 90° 12V-2x6 connector featuring more reliability, higher electrical durability, improved safety, and capable of bringing up to 600W to your GPU.

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