Cool. Compact. Quiet.

Cooler Master Cooling X is a desktop PC like no other. Its unique liquid cooling solution has been redesigned to make Cooling X compact, cool and silent. Both the CPU and GPU are efficiently cooled through a copper water block which effectively removes heat and channels it towards a 240 mm radiator and liquid-cooled side panels. These components work seamlessly to dissipate heat, resulting in enhanced performance and durability. Cooling X stands as the ultimate tool for gamers and creators who demand nothing but the best.

RYZEN 9 7950X3D

Equipped with AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X 3D CPU, with 16 cores, 32 threads and up to 5.7GHz clock speed, it is the ideal processor for gamers and creators. The processor is cooled with a water block, so heat is removed by liquid cooling and performance is optimized.

Extremely Quiet


Port & Slots


RTX 4080

Cooling X is equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce™ 4080 graphics card. It's powered by the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture and 16GB of superfast G6X memory. For increased and stable gaming performance, the GPU is covered by a water block to remove the heat effectively.

Redesigned Liquid Cooling

Cooler Master has redesigned the way liquid cooling operates. Traditionally the radiator and any fans, take care of cooling the PC, however Cooler Master's redesigned liquid cooling solution, has integrated the side panels as part of the cooling solution. The coolant also runs inside the side panels and helps to dissipates heat efficiently.

A pump that is really effective and quiet

Cooling X is able to bring PC thermal performance to the next level, with an integrated effective and silent pump. The pump is equipped with a high performance, yet quiet motor. This enables heat to be dissipate rapidly and noiseless.

Liquid cooling panel

Cooler Master is utilizing its inhouse, liquid cooling panel technology, to efficiently dissipate heat from the system. The CPU, GPU, radiator and both side panels are thermally interconnected. The panels consist of two aluminum parts that are connected under high pressure, which results in a leak free liquid chamber. The liquid inside the panel, dissipates heat without any noise and increase performance of the CPU and GPU significantly.

Dimensions, weight & volume

Yes, it is really this compact

1. WIDTH: 149.4 mm (5.9")

2. LENGTH: 266.0 mm (10.5")

3. HEIGHT: 371.6 mm (14.6")

NET WEIGHT: 17.3 KG (38.1 LBS)

VOLUME: 14.77 L (3.2 GAL)

Experience true gaming up to 5 monitors

Cooling X can be connected with five monitors simultaneously. At the top there is one HDMI connector (4K) and at the back there are three DisplayPorts (8K) and one HDMI (4K).

Tech specifications

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