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The GM34-CWQ2 is meticulously crafted for universal appeal, delivering exceptional value and performance. With its UWQHD resolution and a Quantum Dot panel, it enriches your work and play experiences by offering a wide DCI-P3 color gamut, all seamlessly displayed at a remarkable 180Hz refresh rate.

Your Play-Work-Movie Solution

GM34-CWQ2 delivers superior images and accurate colors with a more responsive overall experience

making it perfect for work and play.


UWQHD resolution (GM34) offers extra screen-real estate for

increased multi-tasking efficiency and much more immersive content

and gaming. Feature 1500R Curvature which is also the sweet spot for

immersion. Having a more pronounced curvature can start to increase

distortion at certain points of the screen and generally harmful to

content creation applications. With the 1500R curvature, games and

entertainment content are even more immersive, spreading around

you and making you feel more part of the action.

Fluid Visuals

FreeSync Premium ensures smooth, lifelike gameplay that accurately reproduces a level of realism to everything you play. By synchronizing the frames outputted from the GPU to the refresh rate of the monitor, you can experience tear-free gameplay that is smoother than ever.


gaming experience

Quantum Dots Ultimate Visuals

Crafted with cutting-edge quantum dot technology, relish the brilliance of vivid colors, meticulous light emission, precise color reproduction, and a expansive 95% DCI-P3 color gamut.


Incredible color detail wide color gamut, GM34-CWQ2 comes equipped with Quantum Dot displays that cover 95% of DCI-P3 respectively making these monitors great for color-sensitive work.


Protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light and ensure prolonged comfort with Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technologies, minimizing eye strain for extended work or gaming.

Ports & Slots
Connectivity Options
Vivid Colors
4000:1 Contrast & HDR400

Revolutionize your visual experience.

GM34-CWQ2 is equipped with VA panels

which have the benefit of much darker

and deeper blacks, leading to an enhanced

4000:1 contrast ratio. Standard IPS monitors

have a contrast ratio of 1000:1 on average.


Picture in picture (PIP) & Picture by picture (PBP)

Enhance your productivity, work, chat and play with PBP technology. Seamlessly switch between dual sources at their native resolutions to analyze two projects or run two programs concurrently. Leverage PIP functionality to receive a secondary source, enabling efficient multitasking with ease.


Built-in Dual Speakers

Experience sound entertainment with 2 built-in speakers no need for extra peripherals. Save desk space and streamline your setup for efficient work, learning, and play.

Tech specifications

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