Champions Set the Rules

Work and play like a living legend. In front of the GD160 ARGB desk, gaming’s first electric height-adjustable desk with immersive ARGB lighting, define your own sitting and standing positions — never let discomfort flaw your victory in the arena.

Maximize Work Productivity

Achieve an ergonomic standing workstation by customizing your ideal work surface to any height between 65 and 130 cm using the digital controller. Relieve your muscles from stiffness and maintain better wellness during work and play.

Fire Up Your Gaming Immersion

Whatever you are playing, the GD160 ARGB delivers the perfect ergonomic setup with enhanced Smart Dual ARGB lighting. This feature can mirror colors on your display in real-time for an immersive gaming experience — get ready to dive into your world. Enjoy personalizing your immersive lighting atmosphere with the MasterPlus+ app.

Customizable Dual Ambient Lighting

Enjoy personalizing your immersive lighting atmosphere with MasterPlus+. Match and synchronize all of your Cooler Master products with the same lighting modes for a fully extensive gaming experience.

Smart Controller
7 Default Presets

The smart controller can also toggle between seven different lighting modes for a further customized lighting experience.

No More Tangled Wires

Keeping the workspace clean and tidy is the secret weapon of champions! The GD160 ARGB’s rear aluminum tray puts your cables and adapters out of sight and organized.

Dual Motor Safety and Comfort

The GD160 ARGB desk comes equipped with dual motors that can smoothly and quickly lift the tabletop with loads of up to 100 kg. The use of two motors ensures a safe operation of the table with a failsafe that locks its height even during blackouts or accidental unplugging. All motors pass a Load and Durability Test to guarantee your safety and comfort at all times.

Freedom to Move

Expand your ultimate gaming and working experience with GD160 ARGB’s accompanying gadget, the 900 x 300 mm extra-large water-repellent gaming mousepad, which provides a spacious and comfortable area for hands and wrists. The densely knit surface helps gaming mice glide effortlessly while simultaneously protecting your work surface with a comforting soft touch.


The GD160 ARGB comes with a built-in anti-collision feature that prevents the table from colliding with any objects, such as a desktop computer, or even perhaps yourself. If the table collides with an object, anti-collision will activate and the table will stop moving downwards and instead move upwards to prevent any further damage.

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