CK570 SF6 Chun-Li Gaming Keyboard

Ultimate customizable keyboard for all, featuring classic Cherry mechanical switch but keep hot-swappable and a complete Gasket Structure. With hot-swappable switches, a DIY-friendly design, and a 3-way customizable wheel, can easily customize your own keyboard to perfection. CK570 Chun-Li Keyboard is the perfect choice for you!


Special Edition
Cooler Master
x Capcom Street Fighter 6

The CH331 SF6 CHUN-LI headset, with its exclusive

color scheme and design, weaves together the aesthetics

of Street Fighter 6 and Cooler Master's audio expertise,

embodying the spirit of Chun-Li.



Gasket structure

Gasket structure and cushions work to reduce vibrations and noise for a more comfortable typing experience while retaining durability

PBT double-injection keycaps with side print

Made of a high quality PBT doubleshot construction process which prevents the fonts from fading while allowing for RGB backlighting to shine through

*PBT is only for US and TC layouts

MasterPlus+ Suite support

The CK570 is one of the first Cooler Master products to support the new MasterPlus+ software, a unified control hub where managing all of your Cooler Master gear is easier than ever. Adjust all of your settings from one dashboard, and even sync your lighting settings across multiple devices with ease.

Take control with a precision dial

Three-way precision dial enables you to adjust volume, cycle through color modes, and more — all customizable via our MasterPlus+ software.

Improved Ergonomics

Adjustable feet improves the ergonomics of the CK570 by letting you control the angle of the keys to reduce wrist strain.

RGB backlightning

No-nonsense backlighting for a no-nonsense keyboard - illuminate your keys based on control schemes, or just do it because it looks cool with 16.7 million colors to mix and match.

Tech specifications

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