A Premium Everyday Solution

Introducing the GP27QP, Cooler Master's latest premium monitor designed to give you a heightened visual experience, no matter your needs. The GP27QP has been designed with a focus on fast and fluid refresh rate and color vibrancy, as well as comfort for users looking to pull long sessions. Upgrade you work and play experience with the GP27QP.

Crisp Display

With QHD resolution, every image on screen looks crisp and ensures there's no blurring or smudging. Whether you are a movie lover immersing yourself in thrilling storylines, a gamer trying to make every shot count, or a video editor looking to unleash your creativity, the GP27QP will provide you with the clarity you need.

A Well-Rounded Visual Experience

At 27" VA panel, the GP27QP has ample room for users of all kinds, with mini-LED technology that takes you on an immersive journey no matter what you are doing. The GP27QP has the space you need.

Nonstop Gaming Sessions

No hitching or lagging response time will hinder you here. The GP27QP features a 240Hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, perfect for those split-second, in-the-moment gaming decisions.

Experience Better Gaming Sessions

The Adaptive Sync feature ensures smooth visuals, even when the frame rate fluctuates.

Unleash Your Gaming Potential

Elevate your gaming experience to the next level with our cutting-edge technology, designed to enhance your performance and bring your gameplay to life.


Stunning Clarity

Witness every detail come to life on your screen with vivid clarity and unparalleled sharpness.


Illuminate Your World

Every image is infused with radiant luminosity, bringing your games and multimedia content to life like never before.


Dominate with Precision

Experience gaming at the pinnacle of speed and fluidity with our high refresh rate champion.


Seize Every Frame

Say goodbye to motion blur and hello to seamless, ultra-smooth gameplay that keeps up with your every move.

Lively Display

At a 2500:1 contrast ratio, the VA panel delivers 1.07 billion colors for the ultimate in color vibrancy, this monitor provides a vibrant visual experience, whether you're gaming, working or streaming content.

Built-in Dual Speakers

Experience sound entertainment with 2 built-in speakers- no need for extra peripherals. Save desk space and streamline your setup for efficient work, learning, and play.

Easily Breeze Through Daily Work And Play

PBP technology enhances your productivity, work, chat, and play experiences. Seamlessly switch between dual sources at the creative resolutions to simultaneously analyze two projects or run two programs concurrently. Leverage PIP functionality to receive a secondary source, enabling efficient multitasking with ease.


With a Low Blue Light mode and Flicker Free support, you will never have to worry about eye strain as you game, or work, late into the night.


Connect your devices with I/O ports consisting of: 

• HDMI 2.1 x2

• Display Port 1.4 x2

• USB Type-C x1 (PD96W)

• USB Type-B x1 (IN)

• USB Type-A x3 (OUT)

• Audio Out

• Power

Tech specifications

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