Cooler Master has established its esteemed reputation in the PC components industry by continuously innovating and pushing the envelope further to produce ever-new technologies that underpin constant improvements in performance and efficiency. Nowhere is this truer than in our cooling product line up. The Mobius series is Cooler Master’s next gen flagship case fan series, researched and designed totally in-house and featuring all the cutting-edge technological improvements that such a forward-thinking product series requires. Let’s dig into the details of some of the components that make the Mobius our best series of case fans yet.

Loop dynamic bearing

The Mobius series features our ultra-quiet, proprietary loop dynamic bearing design, created originally by Cooler Master Corp, our indus

try-facing segment of the company. The purpose of the loop dynamic bearing is to reduce the fan’s vibrations and overall noise level efficiently and effectively while also increasing its life expectancy.

We achieved this through several key technologies. First is the bearing’s oil reflow system. The bearing’s shaft rotates, causing oil to slowly flow to the top of the bearing via centrifugal force. When the oil reflow system first takes in oil, the oil slowly accumulates in a groove and then flows back into the bearing via gravity. The powdered, granular surface of the bearing ensures the oil is evenly and fully integrated, keeping the bearing constantly well-oiled.

The loop dynamic bearing also features a dustproof wall at the top of the bearing. This wall includes a staggered stator frame that forms a maze for more effective prevention of dust collection. This reduces the formation of sludge from oil and dust meeting one another, thereby contributing to longer lasting and more silent performance.

Finally, there is the magnetic ring that we have placed around the end of the bearing’s shaft. The magnetic force of this ring keeps the shaft in a totally fixed position, preventing all movement and thus providing enhanced stability.


Ring blade design

Another of the Mobius’ innovative design highlights invented in-house at Cooler Master is the ring blade design, created to further ensure a rigid and reinforced structure to eliminate vibration and provide full stability during fan rotation. This was obtained by our R&D team through a unique interconnected fan blade structure that allows each blade to reinforce the others.

Double ball bearings

One fan in the Mobius series, the Mobius 120 OC, employs a double ball bearing system as opposed to the standard single ball bearing system for additional fan stability and longevity. A standard ball bearing system features one ball bearing and one sleeve bearing; however, the double ball bearing system replaces the sleeve bearing with a second ball bearing thereby increasing the structural integrity of the fan. In fact, the double ball bearing is so stable that we offer a lifetime warranty on the Mobius 120 OC, backed by the confidence we have in this technology.

As you can see, our Mobius series is a line of cooling powerhouses, and they are the case fans of the future. With several Cooler Master original technologies such as the loop dynamic bearing and double ball bearing, and an all-new frame design on the Mobius 120 OC, the Mobius series is the best of the best. For more info on the Mobius series and our other next gen products, please visit our website.

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