Frequently Asked Questions
Xornet II

How to set up LED using AP?

For the LED settings, each DPI profile can be associated to a LED display mode, and the LED color can also be fine tuned by adjusting the RGB values.

So that every DPI settings can be associated with a unique color effect.

For Basic LED color selection:
1. Select a DPI profile that the color scheme will be customized and associated to.
2. Adjust the RGB slider to the RGB setting for the color desired. For quicker adjustment, look up the RGB chart for the RGB value, from any RGB chart online, for ex.

For Special effect:
Xornet II also has several color scheme effect that you can set the LED to.

Spectrum: Once selected, the LED will cycle through the RGB color spectrum.
Rapid Fire: LED will show the customized color you selected, and will flash white light with every click.
Breathing: LED will cycle slowly from Off to the customized color.

Press Apply after every change to save it to the mouse.

How to set up LOD and DPI using AP?

DPI Control:

Xornet II comes with 3 preset DPI settings (500-1250-3500) that allows for quick selection at anytime.
Switching DPI among different application has never been easier.

For work: From Office to Photoshop.
For gaming: From RTS to FPS, or changing weapons from sub-machine gun to sniper rifle.
Simply press the selector button below the mouse wheel to quickly change the DPI settings, each setting has a different color scheme, which you can also customize using the Xornet II application program.

LOD (Liftoff Distance) Control:

LOD refers to the distance a mouse has to be lifted before the sensor stops tracking. Some gamers prefer a mouse with a very low lift-off distance because they play at a very low sensitivity, and often have to lift their mouse off the pad to bring the mouse back in a position where they can continue swiping. With a low LOD, the cursor isn't going to be moved when the mouse is lifted up.

To quickly change the LOD setting, press and hold the lower DPI sector button for about 6 sec. Release the button and the mouse wheel LED will flicker to indicate the LOD is really to be changed.

Turn the mouse wheel, and the LED will change color to indicate different LOD settings. Once the selection is made, press the lower DPI selection button to commit to the change. (note:for preset color, Blue has the highest LOD while RED has the lowest LOD)

Xornet II Application Software:

You can also use the Application software to change either the DPI or the LOD settings. However, using the software, you can fine tune the DPI and the LED color scheme and effects.

For DPI and LOD settings, go to the SENSOR page and adjust the DPI or LOD settings.

Key Assignment:

you can also change the function assigned to each button and the click sensitivity under Main Control.

Press Apply to commit to the change, and press Reset to revert back to the factory settings.