Frequently Asked Questions
MasterLiquid Maker 92

What's the performance difference between MasterLiquid Maker 92, AIO liquid cooling and high-end air cooling?

Please be mindful that the MasterLiquid Maker 92 is not focused on outright performance, and is instead a compact, highly compatible and flexible product that fits between traditional AIO liquid coolers and tower air coolers. As such, comparisons on performance alone are insufficient; for example VRM temps will be much cooler in the horizontal position. The MasterLiquid Maker 92 is a rare innovation within the PC cooling industry, which is uniquely designed to meet certain needs.

How reliable is MasterLiquid Maker 92?

Cooler Master provides users 5-year warranty for its liquid cooling products. The product has been strictly tested and certified by Cooler Master's professional lab to operate without maintenance for over 350,000 hours for fan and 175,000 hours for pump.

Is the liquid inside it safe?

The liquid inside the product is safe, environmentally friendly, inflammable and has anti-freezing, anti-corrosive and anti-bacterial properties. However, in certain conditions, eye or skin contact may cause temporary irritation, but will not result in permanent injury. Simply flush the affected area with plenty of clean water. In the extremely unlikely event the product leaks please contact Cooler Master to discuss if the product can be returned.

How is the pump connected to the motherboard?

The whole unit is powered by a single SATA power connector, while the fans are RPM measured and PWM frequency controlled via a single CPU 4-pin fan connector. There is no power drawn from the CPU fan connector. Both fans on the cooler are specially designed to connect directly to the pump section.

Is it normal for one of the fans to turn off entirely?

Yes, we have a feature called Silence Efficiency which turns off the fan when the temperature is below 50% of user setting to save noise and power.

Note: Intake fan stay static under 50% temperature setting from BIOS

Is it possible to turn off "Silence Efficiency" if I want to maximize performance?

Yes, user may turn off the feature by disable the setting from BIOS or change the command by adjust PWM Duty %.

For example: ASUS UEFI BIOS Utility-Advanced Mode > Monitor > CPU Temperature > CPU Q-Fan Control > Disable

Can I use different fans with MasterLiquid Maker 92?

The fans provided have a special screw design so there are no 92mm fans available that fit the requirements. Custom fans were required to provide a high static pressure to meet the needs of the MasterLiquid Maker 92. The cables are of exact length in order to keep the cooling unit neat and compact.

Does MasterLiquid Maker 92 support AMD sockets?

Existing AMD sockets AM3+, FM2+ and AM1 are not supported.

Can I replace the tubing on MasterLiquid Maker 92?

Any modification will void the warranty and this is not recommended as performance and reliability cannot be guaranteed. The FEP tubes on the product are made of extremely low permeability materials that make it so reliable that the product to run for years without refilling. The coolant in the cooler is specially formulated to prevent corrosion and retain long-term performance.

Does MasterLiquid Maker 92 fit in all motherboards?

All motherboards ATX to mini-ITX are compatible. However some LGA2011-v3 motherboards can suffer interference with left-side DIMM channels in the horizontal position when very tall DIMMs are used.

Gigabyte    GB-Z170N-Gaming 5

Does MasterLiquid Maker 92 fit in all the PC cases?

97.4% Cooler Master case compatibility.