Frequently Asked Questions
MasterCase Pro 6

How to install Nepton 280L water cooler at the top of MasterCase 5 / 6 series (besides MasterCase 5)?


1.Remove the Top cover

2.Nepton 280L radiator is too large for the cut out at the top of the case and will not install from outside of the chassis.

3.Place the 2 140mm fans on top of the radiator and raise them from inside the case to the liquid cooler bracket.

4.Make sure the screw holes are all aligned between the fans and the radiator while rasing them to the bracket.

5.Secure the fan-cooler to the bracket. We recommend installing the outside radiator screws first then installing the 4 center screws. Tighten up the screws diagonally at the same time if possible.

Please note that if the fans do NOT have the rubble padding at the corners, it will not have enough space to install the cooler, since the radiator will interfere with the top plate cooler cut-out flap.

Cooler installed.

Please also note that the space between the radiator and the MB will limit the option to install Push/Pull fans, as they can with Nepton 240M.

Nepton 280L

Nepton 240M with Push/Pull fans