Frequently Asked Questions
MasterBox MB500

RGB Controller

Certain case models, such as Q300P, MB500, etc, include a wired RGB controller for quick RGB color and effect selection.

Connect the RGB signal splitter to RGB controller on the side marked “RGB.” Line up the triangles and connect both parts. 

Note: The RGB signal splitter is where you connect your RGB fans and other RGB accessories. If you intend to connect more RGB peripherals, such as additional RGB fans or strips, additional RGB signal splitters may be required. You may daisy-chain several RGB signal splitters and connect to the RGB port on the controller. 

Power the RGB controller by connecting the controller power cable in the POWER port to a PSU SATA cable.

The SWITCH port connection is optional. A RESET SW connector can be plugged in from the front I/O connectors. This allows you to control the RGB controller directly via the front RESET SWITCH on the front I/O panel of your computer case. 

NOTE: Adding this connection means you will not be able to restart your PC by pressing the RESET button located on the front I/O panel of your computer case. 

After the RGB controller is set up as instructed, press either the controller directly or the RESET button on the front I/O panel to change RGB color and effects.