MasterWatt Series

MasterWatt Series

  • MasterWatt Maker 1500
  • New MasterWatt Maker 1500 (no Bluetooth)
  • MasterWatt Maker 1200
  • New MasterWatt Maker 1200 (no Bluetooth)
  • New MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ
  • New MasterWatt 750
  • New MasterWatt 650
  • New MasterWatt 550
  • New MasterWatt 450
MasterWatt Lite Full Range

MasterWatt Lite Full Range

  • New MasterWatt Lite 600W
  • New MasterWatt Lite 500W
MasterWatt Lite 230V

MasterWatt Lite 230V

  • New MasterWatt Lite 230V - 700W
  • New MasterWatt Lite 230V - 600W
  • New MasterWatt Lite 230V - 500W
  • New MasterWatt Lite 230V - 400W
MWE Series

MWE Series

The MWE series gives you all what you expect of a quality power supply and more. It guarantees a typical efficiency of at least 85%. Besides that, the MWE series comes with a circuit design that will protect your system at any time. Together with a quiet 120mm fan, you get all the essentials in one little box.

  • New MWE Bronze 650
  • New MWE Bronze 600
  • New MWE Bronze 550
  • New MWE Bronze 500
  • New MWE Bronze 450
  • New MWE 550
  • New MWE 500
  • New MWE 450
  • New MWE 400
V Series

V Series

The V series of 80 Plus Platinum power supplies is built using the highest-grade components available, including 100% high quality Japanese capacitors, to ensure excellent efficiency, hold up times, voltage stability, and ripple suppression. The V series uses a fully modular cable system with extra slim flat-ribbon cables to improve cable management and allow for clean and elegant looking builds.

  • V1200 Platinum
  • V1000
  • V850
  • V750
  • V650
  • V550
V Semi-Modular Series

V Semi-Modular Series

The V Semi-modular power supply series features 80+ Gold certification and powerful single rail configurations. These power supplies also reduce the number of unnecessary cables and improve cable management with a semi-modular design.

  • V750 Semi-Modular
  • V650 Semi-Modular
  • V550 Semi-Modular
  • V450 Semi-Modular
GM Series

GM Series

The GM Series is semi-modular to reduce the number of unnecessary cables for better cable management. The single +12V rail on all GM Series power supplies allows for superior load balancing and GPU compatibility.

  • G750M
  • G650M
  • G550M
  • G450M
New GX (CM Storm Edition)

New GX (CM Storm Edition)

The refreshing new design of the GX Series is an outstanding choice for basic system builds, offering gamers and mainstream users high-end features without hitting your wallet. 80 PLUS Bronze certified and a custom DC-DC module design that has higher efficiency and voltage stability from its predecessor, the GX Series is the best choice to bring your game to the next level.

  • GX750 - CM Storm Edition
  • GX650 - CM Storm Edition
  • GX550 - CM Storm Edition
  • GX450 - CM Storm Edition
B Series

B Series

B Series power supplies are ideal for mainstream and basic computing systems. They are built with quality components and have dual +12V outputs to provide stable, clean power.

  • New B700 ver.2
  • New B600 ver.2
  • New B500 ver.2
  • New B400 Ver.2
  • B700
  • B600
  • B500
Thunder Series

Thunder Series

The Thunder power supply line is ideal for mainstream computing systems. It is built with quality components and has dual +12V outputs to handle the demands of high power requirements.

  • Thunder 700W
  • Thunder 600W
  • Thunder 550W
  • Thunder 500W
  • Thunder 450W
Elite Series

Elite Series

Elite power supplies are built using quality components and a dual +12V output. They are both reliable and affordable, making them ideal for mainstream and basic computing systems.

  • New Elite V3 550
  • New Elite V3 450
  • New Elite V3 350
  • Elite V2 550W
  • Elite V2 500W
  • Elite Power 460W
  • Elite Power 400W
  • Elite Power 350W