MasterCase Series

MasterCase Series

The MasterCase represents the crest of a new wave of case technology, pioneering our unique FreeForm™ Modular System, which allows you to expand your case by replacing exterior elements, including top panels and the case door, as well as offering unparalleled flexibility to reconfigure the case interior.

  • New MasterCase Maker 5t
  • New MasterCase Maker 5
  • New MasterCase Pro 6
  • MasterCase Pro 5
  • MasterCase 5
MasterBox 5 Series

MasterBox 5 Series

Compact mid-tower case that can fit all high-end components via Internal Configuration.

  • New MasterBox 5t
  • New MasterBox 5 - Black with MeshFlow Front Panel
  • New MasterBox 5 - White with DarkMirror Front Panel
  • New MasterBox 5 - Black with MeshFlow Front Panel (B2B)
Centurion Series

Centurion Series

The mainstream Centurion series offers quality cases with strong performance and features at a very competitive price. Centurion cases feature stylish aluminum stripes for a classic look.

  • Centurion 6
  • Centurion 5 II
CM Series

CM Series

Cooler Master’s popular CM690 mid-tower series features iconic curved metal mesh on the exterior and a roomy interior that allows for great airflow and expandability.

  • New CM 590 III
  • CM 690 II Advanced (USB 3)
  • CM 690 II (ver.2)
  • CM 690 III
  • CM 690 II Advanced Black & White Edition (USB 3.0 version)
  • CM 690 II Advanced White
  • CM 690 II Basic (Asia only)
  • CM 690 II Plus (Asia only)
  • CM 690 II Plus (USB 3.0 version)
  • CM 690 II Plus White (Asia only)
CM Force Series

CM Force Series

The CM Force series is designed with classy styling and affordable prices in mind. These cases also offer great expandability and ventilation.

  • CM Force 500
  • CM Force 251


Cooler Master’s ultimate platform for extreme performance. The COSMOS Series of luxurious cases is designed with performance, expandability, and elegant style in mind for the discerning system builder that expects no less than the best.

Elite Series

Elite Series

High end features at an affordable price. The Elite series of compact cases is fully featured and has excellent build quality, but carries a budget price tag.

  • Elite 310
  • Elite 311
  • Elite 311 Plus
  • Elite 330U
  • Elite 334 NVIDIA EDITION
  • Elite 334U
  • Elite 335U
  • Elite 370
  • Elite 371
  • Elite 372
  • Elite 430 (USB 3.0)
  • Elite 430 Black
  • Elite 431
  • Elite 431 Plus
HAF Series

HAF Series

The HAF series represents Cooler Master’s greatest in cooling performance, featuring high airflow meshed designs able to cool the latest high power CPUs and GPUs. With its high performance, aggressive styling, and sturdy build, the HAF series of cases offers both style and substance.

  • HAF 912 Advanced
  • HAF 912 Combat (for APAC only)
  • HAF 912 Combat windowed version (for APAC only)
  • HAF 912 Plus
  • HAF 922
  • HAF 922 Red
K Series

K Series

K Series cases focus on affordability and great expandability combined with aggressive design. The K Series of cases also features a mesh front to improve airflow performance.

  • K280
  • K280 (Dual USB 3)
  • K281
  • K282
  • K350 (RC-K350-KWN1-EN)
  • K350 (RC-K350-KWN2-EN)
  • K380
  • K550
N Series

N Series

Optimal cooling and expandability blended with a subtle industrial aesthetic. These cases feature mesh front panels and support for many fans as well as extensive water cooling support to ensure excellent cooling performance.

  • N300
  • N400
  • N500
  • N600
Silent Series

Silent Series

Designed for supremely silent computing with noise dampening materials and whisper-quiet fans, but without compromising cooling performance. Silencio Series cases feature elegant, minimalistic aesthetics to complement the silent design.

  • Silencio 652S
  • Silencio 650 Pure
  • Silencio 652
  • Silencio 650
  • Silencio 550
  • Silencio 452
  • Silencio 450
CM Storm

CM Storm

  • Enforcer
  • Scout 2 Advanced
  • Scout 2 Ghost White
  • Scout
  • Scout 2
  • Scout 2 Advanced Gunmetal Gray
  • Scout 2 Gunmetal Grey
  • Scout 2 N2
  • Scout 2 N2 Gunmetal Grey
  • Sniper-Original


  • CMP-350
  • Gladiator 600
  • USP 100
  • USP 100 Black (Asia only)