• Official Cooling Partner AMD Ryzen Threadripper
AMD Ryzen Threadripper Partnership Series

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Partnership Series

Co-development with AMD. Both companies got the best engineer and design teams together to build the best cooler to maximize the performance of the 2nd generation Ryzen ThreadRipper line-up.

  • New Wraith Ripper
MasterAir Series

MasterAir Series

MasterAir series are the next gen. air cooling with the latest innovation in thermal heatsinks: Heat Column, 3D Vapor Chamber and CDC 2.0. These unique Cooler Master technologies are what sets us apart as these air coolers help push the CPU performance to the max.

  • New MasterAir G100M
  • New MasterAir MA620P
  • New MasterAir MA620P TUF Gaming Edition
  • New MasterAir MA410P TUF Gaming Edition
  • New MasterAir MA410M TUF Gaming Edition
  • New MasterAir MA410M
  • New MasterAir MA621P TR4 Edition
  • MasterAir Maker 8
  • New MasterAir MA610P
  • New MasterAir MA410P
  • MasterAir Pro 4
  • MasterAir Pro 3
V Series

V Series

V series performance heat sinks feature powerful car engine-inspired looks paired with an industry first horizontal vapor chamber. The high performance horizontal vapor chamber gives the V series heat sinks revolutionary high efficiency and cooling performance.

  • V8 Ver.2 (EU only)
  • V8 GTS
Hyper Series

Hyper Series

The extremely popular Hyper series of mainstream performance CPU air coolers features direct contact heat pipes to provide highly efficient, cost-effective cooling.

  • New Hyper 212 RGB Phantom Gaming Edition
  • New Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition
  • New Hyper 212 Black Edition
  • New Hyper H412R
  • New Hyper H411R
  • New Hyper H410R
  • Hyper 212 LED Turbo
  • Hyper 212 LED
  • Hyper 101
  • Hyper 212X (EU ver.)
  • Hyper 103
  • Hyper D92
  • Hyper 612 Ver.2
  • Hyper 212 EVO
  • Hyper 212 Plus (fan bracket version)
  • Hyper 412S
  • Hyper 212X
  • Hyper 412 PWM
  • Hyper 412 Slim
  • Hyper T4
  • Hyper TX3 EVO
  • Hyper TX3 (fan bracket version)
GeminII Series

GeminII Series

The GeminII series is designed to balance CPU and motherboard component cooling. The heat sinks are designed to direct airflow directly towards the motherboard to provide extra motherboard cooling without compromising CPU cooling performance.

  • GeminII M5 LED
  • GeminII M4
  • GeminII S524
  • GeminII SF524
  • GeminII S524 Ver.2
Vortex Series

Vortex Series

Vortex series CPU coolers are designed to maximize cooling capacity in a compact space, and are ideal for HTPC or slim-width cases that have limited space.

  • Vortex 211P
  • Vortex 211Q
  • Vortex Plus
X Dream Series

X Dream Series

X Dream series CPU coolers feature low profile aluminum extrusion fins to achieve excellent heat dissipation in a low cost small form factor.

  • X Dream L115
  • X Dream P115
  • X Dream 4
  • X Dream i117
  • X Dream K641


  • Blizzard T2
  • Blizzard T2 mini