GeminII S524 Ver.2

The new version brings all of the core strengths of the original, especially the high RAM clearance with the top-down fan mounting design to assist in RAM cooling. The new version introduces Cooler Master’s patented Continuous Direct Contact design to the GeminII S524 with 5 direct contact heatpipes for seamless transference from the CPU.


Continuous Direct Contact(CDC) Tech

The side-by-side heat pipe configurations with no gaps create a perfectly smooth surface for heat conduction.


Transfer heat from CPU directly, effectively and completely.


Gaps between heat pipes result in uneven heat distribution which can create or worsen hot spots on the CPU.

X-Vents & Air-Guide Design

Funnel shaped aluminum fins and a series of perforated dimples guide airflow towards the heatpipes and ultimately reduces CPU temperatures. Vents are placed at 45 degrees angle around each heatpipe. They help guide airflow and create vortices of air for better cooling.

Silencio FP 120 Fan

With CM's exclusive fan blade design and Loop Dynamic Bearing (LDB) providing higher air pressure, lower noise output and longer lifespan.

Balance Cooling

Unique design provides excellent cooling of CPU, memory, and other motherboard components