Hyper 612 ver.2

The hyper 612 ver. 2 includes a PWM controlled fan and provides incredible 11 dB low noise while sustaining excellent cooling performance. Exclusive CDC™ technology, folding fin design, wider fin gaps, and a special 6 heatpipe layout crossing the CPU’s “hot spot,” the Hyper 612 ver. 2 CPU cooler is optimized for superior heat dissipation at low fan speeds, rescuing your machine from a noisy nightmare.


Folding Fin Design

Superior air guiding design provides higher efficiency of heat dissipation.

Exclusive X-Vent Technology

Vents are placed at a 45 degrees angle around each heatpipe. They help guide airflow and create vortices of air for better cooling.

CDC (Continuous Direct Contact)

Adopts the innovative patented technology - side-by-side heat pipe configurations with no gaps creating a perfectly smooth surface for heat conduction.




Transfer heat from CPU directly, effectively and completely.




Gaps between heat pipes result in uneven heat distribution which can create or worsen hot spots on the CPU.

Passive Thermal Solution

Hyper 612 Ver. 2 has extra-large heatsinks for passive thermal solution without noise.

Fan Bracket Design

The friendly, intuitive design makes fan installation easier.