Hyper D92

The Hyper D92 introduces several new features to the incredibly popular Hyper series, including Cooler Master’s patented quad DC (Direct Contact) Heatpipes array and dual cooling fans. Thanks to the new Fan Crossover Setup design, the Hyper D92 increases airflow by guiding it along the best path to effectively dissipate heat. Equipped with universal mounting bracket, the Hyper D92 supports the latest Intel and AMD sockets, making it one of the best mid-tower coolers with excellent performance.


DC (Direct Contact)

Higher efficiency and better dissipation compared to generic metal bases.

Fan Crossover Setup design

The exclusive design enhances the performance by guiding the airflow more effectively.

Dual 9cm fans – Pull & Push

Reduce the temperature of heatpipes and heatsinks faster with more airflow.

Universal Mounting Kits Design

Easy to install on the Intel/AMD platform.