Hyper 412 Slim

The Hyper 412 series inherits the low noise design of the Hyper 612, featuring optimum heat dissipation at low fan speeds. Wider fin gaps, nickel plating, sandblasting heatsink top, and Cooler Master’s patented CDC™ technology greatly improves the cooling performance of the Hyper 412.The 412 Slim is bundled with 2 slim fans for better compatibility with Intel socket LGA 2011.


CDC™ Technology

Cooler Masters patented Continuous Direct Contact technology combines several heat pipes into a tightly packed array which acts like a virtual vapor chamber.




Transfer heat from CPU directly, effectively and completely.




Gaps between heat pipes result in uneven heat distribution which can create or worsen hot spots on the CPU.

Wider Fin Gaps

Designed with wider fin gaps to maximize cooling performance at low fan speeds.

Dual-Fan Design

Supports an optional 2nd 120mm fan to increase cooling performance.

Quick-snap Fan Bracket Design

Quick-snap fan cover allows for quick and easy installation.

LGA 2011 and FM1 Compatibility

Versatile all-in-one mounting solution supporting the latest Intel® LGA 2011 and AMD FM1.