The CM Storm Control-RX is a mouse surface designed for gamers that prefer low DPI settings. A smooth Lycra material gives your mouse a very enjoyable gliding experience. The thickness of the surface will make sure that your hand can rest comfortable for long gaming sessions. The bottom of the mouse surface is an anti-slip polyurethane that will make the mouse surface impossible to move, no matter on what surface you place the Control-RX surface. All combined this mouse surface will give you a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


Full Compatibility

The Control-RX mouse surface can be used with any type of sensor

Precise Tracking

The use of Lycra cloth material, allows the mouse to slide effortlessly across the surface

Anti-slip Polyurethane structured

The buttom of the surface uses a non slip polyurethane base; this prevents the mouse pad from sliding during intense gaming sessions

Optimized for precision and control

The Control-RX mouse surface use a special weave pattern that is designed for the users that have low DPI settings


Model Number SGS-6000-KKSL1
Dimensions L x W x H Large: 440 x 350 x 5 mm / 17.32 x 13.77 x 0.19 in
Medium: 320 x 290 x 5mm / 12.5 x 11.4 x 0.19 in
Surface Material Lycra
Surface Color Black
0.19 inch
Base Material Polyurethane
Base Color Black
Weight 815g / 1.80 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 460 * 356 * 10 mm
18.1 * 14.0 * 0.4 inch
Packaged Weight 1173g / 2.59 lbs