For the Serious Professional
Cooler Master and GeForce® GTX have teamed up to give you the brightest green LED backlighting combined with the best responsive feeling that gamers have come to love. Get multiple LED lighting modes, on-the-fly macros, profile support, and Cherry MX switches -all in a classic, minimalistic design. Show your love for GeForce® GTX with custom keycaps and bright green LEDs on the MasterKeys Pro L GeForce® GTX Edition.
Macro and Profile Support
Trying to get familiar with a new game's controls? Light the relevant keys up to help you learn the in-game keybinds faster. With four profile keys, you can set up your backlighting and record macros without hassle. Program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change per-key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands.
No Software Required
When you have a good thing going, the last thing you want to do is exit your game to adjust your keyboard settings. The MasterKeys Pro L GeForce® GTX Edition keyboards use an innovative On-the-Fly system. Change your settings all from the convenience of your keyboard, without the need to download any software or exit your game.
Shine in Your Own Way
A freely available SDK allows you to code further lighting options for your convenience. Use our SDK (Software Development Kit) and your C++ skills to create your own signature illumination effects. No worries necessary. Simple knowledge of C++ is sufficient. Stand out in the crowd and be the star of every event.
A Vibrant, Functional LED Backlight
The MasterKeys Pro L GeForce® GTX Edition implements rich, bright green LEDs for direct solutions to some of pro gaming's biggest annoyances. A reflective metal plate built into the keyboard amplifies the brightness of the greens, allowing for more visibility of your keys during dim sessions. Multiple lighting modes include Light Wave, Breathing and unique responsive effects.
Fast, Seamless Performance
The MasterKeys Pro L GeForce® GTX Edition is outfitted with a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor that powers the keyboard's independent functions. Make this power your weapon. Save and execute commands and macros instantly. Thanks to the MasterKeys On-the-fly system, you'll have an instant advantage on your opponents.
Status Indicator System
Know right on your board what settings you're running - simply press Fn+Esc and your repeat rate, profile, and other settings will be illuminated. Make sure you have that windows key lock activated so you don't accidentally open it when the fighting gets tense.
Superior Accuracy
The MasterKeys Pro L GeForce® GTX Edition employs an exclusive combination of rollover technologies for the most efficient, accurate anti-ghosting technology yet. N-key rollover works in tandem with 6-key rollover to ensure that every single keypress is correctly detected, no matter how many are pressed. Rest easy knowing no matter how fast and furious it gets, your keyboard can handle it.
Product Name MasterKeys Pro L - GeForce® GTX Edition*
Model Number SGK-4070-NVCR1
Type Mechanical
Key Switches Cherry MX Red
Key Rollover NKRO
Size Full Size
Software Yes
Macro Support Yes
Media Keys Yes, via FN
Windows Key Lock Yes
LED Backlight Yes, Green
Cable USB 2.0
Gold plated
Dimensions (LxWxH) 439(L) x 130(W) x 42(H) mm
Weight 1130g
Warranty 2 years
Note * The model is available in EU and APAC only
Itemcode Layout EAN UPC
SGK-4070-NVCR1-US US 4719512059302 884102031694
SGK-4070-NVCR1-FR France 4719512059319 884102031700
SGK-4070-NVCR1-UK UK 4719512059326 884102031717
SGK-4070-NVCR1-ND Nordic 4719512059333 884102031724
SGK-4070-NVCR1-IT Italian 4719512059340 884102031731
SGK-4070-NVCR1-DE German 4719512059920 884102032585
SGK-4070-NVCR1-SW Swiss 4719512059913 884102032578
SGK-4070-NVCS1-US US (MX Silver) 4719512063767 884102031694
SGK-4070-NVCM1-US US (MX Brown) 4719512063736 884102031694
SGK-4070-NVCL1-US US (MX Blue) 4719512063729 884102031694