I'm a Maker Challenge


Rakesh Sharma
Rakesh Sharma was pressed for space to fit his custom-built 7.1 channel audio amplifier and PC into his small living quarters. So he opted for HAF X AMP case, combined it with his audio system, and secured our first I'm a Maker Challenge award.

Software developer by day, modder by night, Rakesh runs PC hardware website, pctekindia, and has built a reputation on his case mods and scratch build creations.
Anders Orozco
Orozco's Macbook would get so fired up about all of the video production and gaming awesomeness going on in his man cave that you could practically fry an egg on the laptop's scorching bottom. He brought in a Cooler Master Notepal U Stand and started his surgery. After adding two JetFlo fans, fitting the whole outfit in LEDs, splicing the wires and adding switches, his stand now blends perfectly into the cave's icy blue glow.

Anders Orozco is known in the daylight as a graphic designer and in the cyber realm by his alias Furypixel, under which he runs a live gaming stream on Twitch and a YouTube channel.
Rubash Sinam
Industrial Designer
Rubash Sinam was just a child when he saw Quake 3. The characters models memorized him and suddenly he knew what he wanted to do with his future. Rubash eventually became an Industrial Designer and now designs models of appliances, personal consumer electronics, and character models. For the "I'm a Maker Challenge," Rubash submitted his portfolio. His detailed work caught our eye. Rubash hopes to one day start his own company to create consumer electronics. We wish him the best of luck.