The UK-based independent game publisher, The Irregular Corporation, is delighted to add popular PC hardware manufacturer, Cooler Master, to their growing arsenal of available parts for their upcoming simulator that puts players in the shoes of a PC gamer.

The game gives gamers, or anyone interested in building a performance PC, a chance to play around before they even buy the parts. With access to a large array of detailed and accurately rendered components that respond just as they would in real life – components that will now include Cooler Master's cases, coolers, and power supplies – players who don't have a garage of parts get the freedom to experiment with their PC. 

"Building a PC yourself is no longer a pastime of the super tech savvy," said Charlie Wu, Director of Global Brand Marketing at Cooler Master. “Nowadays, there's so many easy ways to customize and put together a powerful PC. This simulator removes another barrier to what is really a rewarding, fun experience."

Aside from including their highly anticipated MasterCase H500P and COSMOS C700P cases, at launch PC Building Simulator will feature the following Cooler Master components:

● MasterCase Maker 5t
● MasterCase H500P

● MasterLiquid 120
● MasterLiquid 240
● MasterAir Pro 4

Power Supplies
● MasterWatt Maker 1200 MIJ
● V750
● MWE Bronze Series

The game provides a tutorial system, which guides players step by step through the PC building process. Using detailed instructions, the simulator explains each component and function and allows players the freedom to preview their own creations and play independently when they feel they are able.

PC Building Simulation will launch in January 2018 and you can add PC Building Simulator to your wish list today at http://store.steampowered.com/app/621060/PC_Building_Simulator/

About The Irregular Corporation
The Irregular Corporation is a newly formed publisher, focused on releasing specialized games for unique communities. Based in London, UK and founded by industry veterans, we aim to bring gaming to new audiences.

About Cooler Master
Cooler Master is a Taipei-based, global computer components company with a 25-year track record in releasing innovative products that truly advance the industry. We are driven by a passion for the things that make building a PC such a unique, rewarding experience, and sustained by a vision that we can reinvent the way these machines are designed, made and used. From our landmark release of the first ever aluminum PC case to our groundbreaking switch to the modular format, Cooler Master is committed to bringing our customers and fans the utmost in choice and control.

Press Contact
For press enquiries, interview requests and reviews please contact enews@coolermaster.com.tw