2017.01.01Cooler Master Expands RGB and Liquid Cooling for CES

Cooler Master, a leader in design and manufacturing computer components and peripherals, has today announced its expanding line of thermal products in time for North America’s largest tech trade show. This will mark the debut of Cooler Master’s first fully RGB fan, as well as the expansion of its all-in-one (AIO) liquid coolers containing patented Dual Chamber technology.

“Most of our fans think these two product upgrades are overdue,” says Dorrie Chen, head of product marketing for Cooler Master’s thermal solutions. “What they don’t know is we’ve actually been working on them the whole time. We wanted to come at it from an original perspective. This is just the first of what’s to come.”

Dual Chamber All the Way Down

Last summer Cooler Master launched its new line of AIO liquid coolers in the MasterLiquid Pro series. The highlight of these was the newly patented dual chamber technology with FlowOp, which Cooler Master claims offer performance increases and silence decreases over its previous generation of coolers. The coolers received high marks in the media.

Now that same chamber technology has trickled down into its mid-range and entry-level product lines, namely the MasterLiquid and MasterLiquid Lite, respectively. These two lines are still wholly designed and manufactured by Cooler Master and come with similarities on the inside and out.

Adding Some Color

RGB is finally finding its way into Cooler Master’s thermal line starting with the MasterFan Pro Air Balance. Nothing about the actual construction of the fan itself has changed – the perspective being that we PC users shouldn’t have to choose between pretty lights or performance. So the fan still comes with the same blade design and silencing components. The only things that look different (besides the lights) are the frosty finish of the blades and the speed profile switch on the back: now changed to color profile switches.

The four LED nodes line the base of the fan motor, giving a “light wheel” effect. Until Cooler Master comes out with its dedicated RGB controller, those wishing to control the color profile will have to opt for 3rd party software for the time being.