Tempered Glass Side Panel

for MasterBox Lite 5 Series, MB500, MB600L & K500L


The tempered glass side panel adds a premium touch to your chassis that highlights any system. Showcase your build from minimal configurations to advanced water cooling. The quality of tempered glass guarantees long term durability while the bracket design allows for easy installation and removal. Compatible With:

  • MasterBox Lite 5 Series
  • MasterBox MB500
  • MasterBox MB600L
  • MasterBox K500L

Product Name Tempered Glass Side Panel for MasterBox Lite 5, MB500, MB600L and K500L
Model number MCA-B500C-TGSP00-LGT
Units per package 1 piece per package
Available Color Light Grey Tinted
Materials Steel, Tempered Glass
Dimensions (L x W x H) 476 x 496 x 59mm
Net Weight 1.72Kg / lb
Gross Weight 2.28Kg / lb
Warranty 2 years
EAN Code 4719512067260
UPC Code 884102039782