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MasterCase Pro 3 LED Partition Plate


Designed for our MasterCase Pro 3, this MasterAccessory allows you to replace the case's partition plate with an LED lit one.

Part of our MasterAccessory line, this partition plate is made to fit into cases with FreeForm Modular System Technology that allow you to Customize, Adjust, and Upgrade. This partition plate is provided with a SATA connector for connecting it with your power supply.

Installation Made Easy

The LED Partition Plate requires 3 screws to be held in place. Here is the manual for the full explanation.

Product Name MasterCase Pro 3 LED Partition Plate
Model number Blue LED: MCA-C300R-BLPP00
White LED: MCA-C300R-WLPP00
Available Color Transparent when off; Choose between blue LED, red LED, and white LED
Materials Steel frame, 4mm thick transparent acrylic panel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 390 x 198 x 11 mm
Net Weight 0.37Kg
Support Replacement for MasterCase Pro 3 Partition Plate
Switch Sata cable connection
EAN Code Red: 4719512054024
Blue: 4719512054079
White: 4719512054055
UPC Code Red:884102030116
Blue: 884102030178
White: 884102030147