Dual-Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel

for COSMOS C700 Series


The Dual-Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel is a panoramic tempered glass side panel with two curved edges offers a wide view of your system's internal components.
The tempered glass offer 3 to 5 times the structural integrity of regular glass.
Perfect bending with tempered glass requires a large amount of patience and precision. Curving the glass to the correct angle, preserving the exact dimensions after curving, and preventing surface defects are just some of the challenges present in the process.
Cooler Master has succeeded in mastering this process, not just once, but two times for every tempered glass side panel! This special dual-curved tempered glass side panel is not just unique, but currently the only one in the market.
Product Name Dual-Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel for COSMOS C700 Series
Model Number MCA-C700R-TGSP00-DBT
Available Color Dark Black Tinted
Material Steel, Tempered Glass, Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H) 603 x 531 x 48mm / 23.7 x 20.9 x 1.9inch
Accessories Comes with a key for the lock
Weight 3.5kg / 7.7lb
Warranty 2 years
EAN Code 4719512051726
UPC Code 884102028250